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The Story

For nine years, MediaCross helped the U.S. Army identify, recruit and enlist physicians into the U.S. Army Reserve Medical Corps (ARMC). The Army identified seven medical specialties that were critically important for soldiers' well-being. It was MediaCross' mission to find them. In order to reach those very specific audiences, we employed a team of physician recruiters who reached out to doctors from our call center.

In addition to speaking to physicians directly through recruiters, MediaCross conducted marketing campaigns to increase brand recognition through social media and email marketing, print and digital ads, video production and website development. We also posted open positions across a variety of job boards and published articles written from veteran doctors, spouses and recruiters to reach a wide audience. Over the years, we developed varied creative campaigns grounded in strategy.

Print / Hero Campaign
The Hero Campaign expressed a simple truth that physicians are heroes to the soldier and families they serve.
Social Media Strategy
LinkedIn and Facebook social media strategy and management gave the ARMC brand awareness and was an important tool to refer physicians to a recruiter.
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