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The Story

In 2014, Lincoln University, a Historically Black University (HBCU) located in Jefferson City, Missouri began their relationship with MediaCross. This partnership began with MediaCross consulting with the Director of Admissions on the strengths, problems, opportunities and threats that the Office of Admissions faced with recruiting students. After that, Lincoln sought out MediaCross again to ensure their recruitment efforts were as streamlined as possible. This caused Lincoln to revisit how they were interacting with prospective students, and how they were presenting themselves to the world. This meant taking a fresh look at how they collected student data in person, as well as verifying that their newly created branding was integrated into publications in a unified way.

MediaCross and Lincoln met face to face to talk openly and to gain a deep understanding of the university’s history and unique attributes. Using the information we gathered through research and our kick-off meeting, MediaCross created tangible solutions for the university’s needs: an E-Inquiry Card and a suite of publications which integrated Lincoln’s Dream Big. This is Lincoln brand message.

E-Inquiry Card
At college fairs, recruiters juggle a lot: personal conversations, information collection, travel, etc. After listening to all the roles and tasks involved in gathering and entering student information into the university’s CRM, MediaCross saw an opportunity to reduce the time and manpower the current process required. Instead of having students manually fill out paper information cards that the recruiters would collect, travel with, and days later manually enter into the CRM system, MediaCross developed an electronic inquiry card compatible with both iPads and the university’s CRM system. Now, when recruiters are on the road, they can sync the information they collect at the college fair with the CRM system on the day of the event, putting student information directly into their existing communication flow without delay. Not only does this streamline internal processes, but it also expedites communication with prospective students.
Removing the mystery from the college decision process for a largely first-generation student audience was one of Lincoln’s main desires. They needed a viewbook that would aid students and parents, demonstrating what Lincoln offers while illustrating what attending the university would be like through photography, design and copy. The MediaCross creative team integrated the university’s existing brand into the piece, making Lincoln’s story come to life. The creative, coupled with the new messaging MediaCross created, informed and enticed students to first visit the campus and then to apply to the university using the tear-out application inside the viewbook or online.
Supporting Recruitment Materials
Despite all the excitement, going to college for the first time can also be scary and can leave students and parents with many questions. Lincoln’s existing recruitment materials contained relevant information, but needed improvement to become a strong tool for recruiters and a resource for prospective students and families. MediaCross redesigned each piece to communicate facts and need-to-know information effectively. Design elements worked to display answers to frequently asked questions. Using white space, integrating brand elements, such as LU’s new athletic logo, and featuring custom icons aided readability and comprehension. Through design and sparse copy, pertinent information on finances, majors, and campus visit dates increased the utility of each piece.
Acceptance Envelope

One of the most anticipated moments for soon-to-be college students happens at their mailbox. Lincoln wanted to enhance this moment when students receive their acceptance letter, so we redesigned the acceptance envelope to create an engaging acceptance experience. MediaCross designed the envelope with “Start Your Dream Here,” along with the hashtag #LUWantsYou. This new hashtag was developed to encourage students to share their acceptance experience on social media, creating brand awareness and sparking social engagement around a student’s choice to attend Lincoln University.

Today, Lincoln is satisfied. Recruiters and advisors alike are equipped in the field and are proud to be sharing their newly crafted story with prospective students.

"The MediaCross team is innovative and creative. They have revamped all of our marketing pieces and assisted us with moving our marketing recruitment efforts forward." De’Recco Lynch, Director of Recruitment & New Student Engagement

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