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The Story

In 2001 the job of a mariner was named “one of the five least desirable jobs” in America. In that same year, Military Sealift Command (MSC) became MediaCross’ client. There was nowhere to go but up, but “up” for MSC meant recruiting civil service mariners and filling a severe staffing shortage. Working alongside MSC, MediaCross dove deep, learning what they did, identifying their target audience, and discovering compelling benefits MSC held for mariners. A new campaign “Take Command of Your Career” as well as a multi-channel strategic communications plan came out of the research we conducted.

MediaCross has been successful in developing a results generating recruitment strategy and deploying the tactics to support it over the last 15 years.

MSC's top priority was finding and filling open positions within the company. To help streamline the application process, MediaCross created the https://www.sealiftcommand.com website. By catering to MSC's target audiences, the site became a "one stop shop" for those interested in learning more about MSC and applying to job openings.
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Print / Digital Ad Campaign
Over the years we have used all types of advertising to help achieve the goals of the Command. Full page magazine ads reflect the pride and culture of MSC, while job fair ads are posted weekly with relevant and pertinent information including locations, times and dates of events.
Civmar Support Center (CSC)
Recognizing that not all interested candidates come to the job fairs and to the website, MediaCross offers top notch customer service to support recruitment through onboarding efforts for the Command.
Job Fair Work
Face to face interactions can be crucial in career recruitment. Each week MediaCross recruiters attend four to six job fair events on the West, East and Gulf coasts. Recruiters in the field are equipped with portable signage, banners, and collateral to create a memorable and positive impression on booth attendees.
MSC Position Videos
Entry-level positions at MSC are in demand, but are only posted once each year. To educate and excite potential candidates and applicants throughout the year, MediaCross produced a video spot for each position.
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